A proper cause for boasting

Like the rest of us, Paul had plenty of opportunities for boasting if he were inclined to seek them. He lists some of them in Philippians 3:5-6. Circumcised. Descended from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Devout follower of Jehovah God for his entire life. A spotless reputation for righteousness among all who knew him. Such things were, in fact, used by many Jewish Christians to distance themselves morally and spiritually from others, particularly Gentiles.

But Paul abandoned such things.

An odd sort of boasting

When grandmothers get in car crashes, immediately their loved ones are concerned that they might have broken something.  Unfortunately, Lee Redmond suffered ten breaks in hers, and she will never be the same again.

She broke her fingernails.  All of them.  And it’s no wonder, considering they were a combined 28 feet in length.