Raise bees in your home!  “BEEcosystems” are completely enclosed units that hang on your interior walls and provide access to the outdoors for the bees and access to honey for you.  The bad news is, they’re $599 apiece; however, I am promised, “for the amount of honey you will eat, they practically pay for themselves!”

The good news is, they don’t come with any bees.  That makes them a bit more workable in Tracie’s mind.

But seriously.  I support the work of advertisers; they have a living to make like anyone else.  But eating $599 worth of honey?  That would take the Hammons family about 20 years, given our current consumption rate.  And these units are about the size of a large pizza pan.  I fail to believe they produce honey by the barrel.  Let’s be real.  This is for the heart, not the honey.  Some people want to believe they are “part of the solution” — better yet, to be seen by others as “part of the solution.”  When their friends come over to discuss solar panels and composting, their commitment to the environment will be on full display.

I don’t mean to mock.   I’m making a point, and this is it: bee (see what I did there?) honest with yourself regarding your motivations.  It’s the same with serving Jesus.  If you think serving Jesus is going to be so sweet (sorry, I can’t help it) that it will somehow pay for itself in this life, you need to reevaluate. 

Serving Jesus, done right, brings plenty of short-term hardship and pain (Matthew 5:11-12).  The one who doesn’t “calculate the cost” (Luke 14:28) of discipleship is likely going to get stuck (OK, I’m stopping now) in a situation for which he was not prepared. 

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