I think I’ve finally figured out what bugs me about selfies on social media.  It’s that attention is being drawn, almost exclusively, to the outward appearance.  Sometimes it’s our accomplishments, sometime it’s our misfortune, sometimes it’s our surroundings.  But usually it’s just our looks.  A new haircut, a cute expression — worse yet, the infamous “Which do you like better?” post, which literally begs for audience participation.  All of this is a 21st Century way of saying, “Look at me!  Look at me!”

I don’t want to sound like cries for attention are always bad.  Sometimes we actually need it.  And if we can put them in the “occasional indulgence” category, like ice cream or Godzilla movies, maybe they are not all that dangerous.  But when we subject all our friends to a non-stop barrage of self-promoting nonsense, we make ourselves look like we are the center of the universe.  We find that endearing in 4-year-olds; in 24-year-olds, it’s pathetic.

It’s all about perception.  Do you want to look like Jesus (1 Corinthians 11:1)?  Then you should present your Christlike characteristics to the world as often and as consistently as possible — humility, selflessness, service, and the like.  Do you want to be constantly complimented for who and what you are already?  You’ll find better luck focusing on your looks, talent, sense of style, etc.

Figure out which you want, then proceed accordingly.  We’ll be watching.


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