Tea freezes at a temperature higher than 32 degrees Fahrenheit. At least, it seems to. I left a bottle of Snapple in my office refrigerator over the break. It was beneath the weird little “freezer compartment” but certainly not in it. It was at least an inch away from anything icy. And when I opened up the fridge, it was totally frozen. The lid had somehow detached itself to make room for the ice that had formed. (I wish I had video of that. Was it slow? Was it explosive? I digress.)
Most things shrink when they freeze, but water (including the water in tea) is an exception. It expands, and it will not be contained. A bottle filled with water will open when the water freezes. Chemistry will find a way. A weak spot will be found and exploited. Fortunately for me, the weakness was in the lid instead of the bottle; otherwise I likely would have had no tea to drink and a big mess to clean up.
Stress is like that in the spirit realm as well. A lifestyle that is full of sin and tries to accommodate Jesus as well (or vice versa) will become very frustrated very quickly. They cannot both be contained in a single human heart. There will come a day when we will find out which commitment is stronger.
With God’s help, we can use that stress to expel “all that remains of wickedness” (James 1:21). But we know how the devil is capable of expelling Jesus from our hearts in the same way; he has done it to some of our brethren.
So test yourselves (2 Corinthians 13:5). Determine whether your faith or your carnality is the stronger force — before Satan determines it for you.

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