Alex Morgan of the United States Women’s National Team is being credited/accused of casting “subtle shade” on the English side after the American’s victory in the Women’s World Cup semifinals.  Pretending to sip tea, it seems, qualifies as mockery.

For me, I say bully for Alex. 

Rain: an opportunity, not an excuse

More from The Corporate Coach.  (It’s amazing what you learn when you read books instead of watching TV.  Just saying.)  James Miller actually encourages his sales people to not only go on late afternoon sales calls (traditionally labeled “waste of time” by management), but to pray for rain.  He says that when total strangers on your doorstep, soaking wet, looking for someone to talk to about their product, the strangers frequently get warm receptions, hot coffee, and big deals.


The word “trending” has gone through an interesting metamorphosis in the social media generation.  Used to be, something was “trending up” or “trending down,” depending on whether one was discussing (respectively) butter or margarine, cauliflower or broccoli rabe.

Now things are just “trending.”   It is as though the quality of an item or topic is irrelevant; all that matters is that people are talking about it.  It’s the new version of “no publicity is bad publicity,” I guess.


We have issues with our mailman — or mailwoman, or mailperson, or letter-carrier, whatever the politically correct term is these days.  We regularly get our next-door neighbor’s mail, and we strongly suspect our own mail is being mishandled as well.  When we get three bills from the same utility provider on the same day, that’s a sign there’s a wrench in the works somewhere.