Do you ever text or Facebook message and wait around for an hour or two for a reply?  I like to think of myself as being rather secure with myself, but I have to admit — that messes with my head.  I’m not talking about waiting for their take on the meaning of life or the status of their dad’s cancer treatment, mind you.  I’m talking about questions I have asked that require a yes/no answer.  Of course, if I just got a yes or a no, I’d probably think that was rude.  But at least I would have a reply.  That’s something.


For years I resisted the “layered” look.  Considering the hot climates I have tended to occupy over the last half-century, wearing one shirt instead of two seemed the comfortable, reasonable approach.  Plus it meant I didn’t have to buy more T-shirts.  (Hal Hammons, famous tightwad.  Surely we’ve met.)