The Patient Pizza Patron

When it comes to pizza places, some people like to stick with the tried and true; the more worldwide locations, the better.  Me, I always want to try something new, something local.  And thanks to my weakness for little children selling things door-to-door, I had a coupon for a place with a stellar reputation, located…


I saw a story today about a man in Frisco, Texas, who was ticketed for speeding.  Nine miles per hour over the posted limit.  There seems to be no disputing the facts of the matter, nor is it in question how the man felt about the infraction.  He paid the $212 ticket in pennies, brought to the ticket office in buckets labeled “Extortion money.”  He dumped the buckets at the payment window and left.  It took the workers there three hours to count and roll the coins.

What a jerk.