We have issues with our mailman — or mailwoman, or mailperson, or letter-carrier, whatever the politically correct term is these days.  We regularly get our next-door neighbor’s mail, and we strongly suspect our own mail is being mishandled as well.  When we get three bills from the same utility provider on the same day, that’s a sign there’s a wrench in the works somewhere.



It’s amazing how the Olympics brings people together.  An entire nation is rooting for the same team.  Longhorns and Aggies.  Wolverines and Buckeyes.  Dogs and cats, living together, mass hysteria.  But in a good way.

       But the closing ceremonies are a few hours away, as I type.  And after that, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony will resume their NBA rivalry as though nothing had happened in Rio. 

The case for not voting

The case for not voting

I have a friend, a brother in Christ, who appears from his Facebook posts to be very much in favor of Hillary Clinton for president. I find that position appalling, astonishing, and completely irreconcilable with the life of a Christian. I thought about messaging him and asking him to explain it (that is to say, questioning his commitment to Jesus), but I knew what he would likely say — “What, so Donald Trump is any better?” And as far as non-answers go, I have to say that one is pretty good.