For years I resisted the “layered” look.  Considering the hot climates I have tended to occupy over the last half-century, wearing one shirt instead of two seemed the comfortable, reasonable approach.  Plus it meant I didn’t have to buy more T-shirts.  (Hal Hammons, famous tightwad.  Surely we’ve met.) 


“Like,” for most English-speaking humans, means like.  I say that to clarify for those who may not be acquainted with the nuances of social media.  When you “like” your wife’s cooking, it may simply mean that you don’t want to eat Cheerios for dinner tomorrow night.  When you “like” your child’s latest painting, it may say speak more to your relationship with the child than it does the child’s artistic talent.  But usually, like means like.  And that’s especially true if, as with social media, you provide no context.