The Beastly Human

It is no wonder that a society that tells its citizens constantly that they are no better than the animals — indeed, no different from them — winds up seeing those same citizens act like animals.  Why wouldn’t they? How could we reasonably expect anything else?

As Christians, we hope and expect humans to rise above the animal world. Animals can be trained, after all.  Why not humans?  But culture wins over holiness, time after time. And thus we see headline after headline, proclaiming in grotesque detail how degraded a culture bereft of God can become.


Tis the season, I suppose.  Everyone is posting self-righteous admonitions to break into cars that have pets inside who, supposedly, are dying in the summer heat.  What would you do?  What would Jesus do?        Well, apparently I’m in the minority, but I would leave the window alone.  I like to think I would have…