True confession time: Tracie and Taylor have got me watching Hallmark mystery movies.  In the beginning, I’ll admit, I thought maybe me watching four or five Mystery 101s would get me a family screening of Lawrence of Arabia.  (The investment of time is roughly the same.)  But I’ll admit, I actually enjoy the movies themselves.  Mock away.

I watch movies for a variety of purposes.  Intellectual stimulation is one, but it is not the only one.  (Hallmark mysteries are dumb.  There.  I said it.)  These days for me, it’s mostly about relaxation and family time.  And if I can get that without being subjected to relentless promotion of sexuality, vulgarity and commercialism, why not?  And if Lacey Chabert and Jewel are not capable of communicating the same emotional depth as Meryl Streep, who am I to hold that against them?

I’m not suggesting that we need to use our entertainment hours to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ actively.  But I am suggesting that we should not use them as an excuse to take backward steps.  Especially in the current climate, which naturally lends itself to more private entertainment, we should carefully consider the choices we are making.

I am sure you tire of preachers telling you about Philippians 4:8, but that doesn’t make it any less wise; if you focus on honorable, pure, just, holy, reputable things, you will have less opportunity to give yourself over to the other side of the moral spectrum.