Alfred Hitchcock was fond of telling journalists of his long-standing plan to make a movie in which Cary Grant was on the run from the bad guys and had to hide in Abraham Lincoln’s nose (the one at Mount Rushmore, of course).  He would give himself away by sneezing.  The film could be entitled The Man in Lincoln’s Nose



We have issues with our mailman — or mailwoman, or mailperson, or letter-carrier, whatever the politically correct term is these days.  We regularly get our next-door neighbor’s mail, and we strongly suspect our own mail is being mishandled as well.  When we get three bills from the same utility provider on the same day, that’s a sign there’s a wrench in the works somewhere.



It’s amazing how the Olympics brings people together.  An entire nation is rooting for the same team.  Longhorns and Aggies.  Wolverines and Buckeyes.  Dogs and cats, living together, mass hysteria.  But in a good way.

       But the closing ceremonies are a few hours away, as I type.  And after that, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony will resume their NBA rivalry as though nothing had happened in Rio. 


Word this week from Rio de Janeiro was that an Olympic kayaker capsized in Guanabara Bay, the venue for open-water events at this year’s Games.  He supposedly hit a submerged sofa.  Not an alligator.  Not a tree root.  A sofa.  


Enough already with the whole “tomatoes are fruits, not vegetables” thing already.  I used to make that distinction myself, based on the idea that a “fruit” is a seed case by definition.  I am quite sure it was because of a need (poorly hidden) to appear smarter than someone else.  But I’m almost completely grown…

The case for not voting

I have a friend, a brother in Christ, who appears from his Facebook posts to be very much in favor of Hillary Clinton for president. I find that position appalling, astonishing, and completely irreconcilable with the life of a Christian. I thought about messaging him and asking him to explain it (that is to say, questioning his commitment to Jesus), but I knew what he would likely say — “What, so Donald Trump is any better?” And as far as non-answers go, I have to say that one is pretty good.



I have always felt a bit sorry for accompanists.  You see some famous entertainer on television or whatever, singing a “solo.”  But there are two people on stage — the singer, plus a piano player, or violinist, or accordion player.  (Bad luck with the last one there.)  They both give it their all, and the…


Most references to “love” in the New Testament use one of two Greek nouns — agapao or phileo.  (Hide the children!  Hal’s faking a knowledge of Greek again!)  But there is another Greek word included in the compound word astorge, which is usually translated “unloving.”  The root storge is generally defined as “family love,” that…


Tis the season, I suppose.  Everyone is posting self-righteous admonitions to break into cars that have pets inside who, supposedly, are dying in the summer heat.  What would you do?  What would Jesus do?        Well, apparently I’m in the minority, but I would leave the window alone.  I like to think I would have…


I don’t know Amy Petty, and I barely know her music.  (I’m not much of an indie guy.)  But I appreciate what she wrote in a blog recently about why she is not going to try out for The Voice or one of the other half-million competition programs out there these days.  She says she…