No one is exactly sure when or why the “heart” shape we see so often, especially this time of year, came to represent love.  But one of the earliest depictions is found in the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua, Italy.  The famed painter Giotto painted a series of frescoes in the chapel; one shows a female…


The word “hood” has come to be identified largely as shorthand for “neighborhood.”  It’s yet another example of African-American culture taking over the American lexicon.  Fair is fair.  If their ancestors had to endure 250 years of oppression on this continent, I can stand being ridiculed for saying “bro” when the everyone else has advanced…

Little things

Little things

Parents tend to judge their parenting based on “big things.” By “big things,” I mean major events and accomplishments — getting the child baptized, getting them through college, getting them married well, keeping them off drugs, etc. But it has been my experience that “little things,” daily spiritual maintenance and life guidance, tend very strongly to lead to the “big things.”


Israel is brown.  Really brown.  I haven’t been, but I’ve seen pictures.  And I’ve heard others talk of their experiences.  Paint just gets sandblasted off the buildings, more or less, so most locals don’t really make the effort anymore. That’s what makes the “whitewashed tombs” of Matthew 23:27 remarkable.  They can’t possibly stay white.  Coat…



Some people always return shopping carts. (I suppose, after almost eight years in the Deep South, I should get used to calling them “buggies.”) Some never return them. And some return them occasionally, depending on circumstances. You probably didn’t need a university study to reach that conclusion. What was revealed in one such study, however, is surprising.


I like blackened fish.  I order it from time to time.  And about 90 percent of the time it comes to me orange.  Not black.  That frustrates me.  “Blackening” refers to a coating of herbs and spices that turn black in a very hot cast-iron skillet.  It’s a Cajun preparation, credited largely to famous chef…