Rain: an opportunity, not an excuse

More from The Corporate Coach.  (It’s amazing what you learn when you read books instead of watching TV.  Just saying.)  James Miller actually encourages his sales people to not only go on late afternoon sales calls (traditionally labeled “waste of time” by management), but to pray for rain.  He says that when total strangers on your doorstep, soaking wet, looking for someone to talk to about their product, the strangers frequently get warm receptions, hot coffee, and big deals.

I like the idea of looking for silver linings instead of excuses.  Maybe the reasons for staying idle are actually reasons to become more active.

What if we took that attitude toward evangelism?  What if not knowing our neighbors was an opportunity rather than a barrier?  What if an acquaintance’s ugly attitude was an opportunity to inquire after their welfare?  What if a rude dismissal of worship without instruments and praise teams could be turned into a “see for yourself” invitation?

Truth be told, we may be hunting for loopholes.  If we have every indication the answer will be no, we feel excused from asking the question.  But Jesus asks us to measure success in the quality of our commitment and effort, not in our batting average.  That was Paul’s attitude, too — not counting baptisms, just preaching the gospel (1 Corinthians 1:17).

God will give the increase if you give Him a chance (1 Corinthians 3:7).  So give Him a chance.  Rain or shine.