I hope Dr. Naumann, my childhood dentist, is reading this somewhere.  For the first time … ever, probably, I purchased dental floss.  And I am actually using it.  On my teeth.  I’m not consistent, but I do it.  In fact, I have fibers of mango wedged between my lower incisors right now, and I can’t wait to get home and dig for them.

Going 52 years without a cavity has made me somewhat dismissive of the dental health advice I have gotten.  Clearly I’m doing something right, and that something has not involved flossing.  (Kids, I am not a professional — and for all but two of you, I’m not your dad.  If your parents are telling you to floss, you floss.)

But I have to admit, sometimes flossing makes a difference.  Having a single shred of steak or piece of popcorn bran wedged in there can be extremely distracting.  If I can dislodge and remove it, why wouldn’t I?

For me, it’s all about being open to new ways of doing things.  Getting from a good place to a better place.  The contentment we find in Jesus (Philippians 4:12) is not about settling for less than you might find.  It is about appreciating the blessings God has sent your way while you explore new and more effective ways to use them to His glory.

If I am forced to accept a less effective approach to service, so be it.  But if I can find a better way with a little effort, why not try that?  There is a decent chance that mango fiber will move if I try to make it move.


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