I cut my front lawn in long strips, one to the immediate left of the other.  If you cut yours left to right, I have no issue with that.  Agree to disagree. 

Anyway, I say that because I have noticed a distinct tendency for my rows to drift to the left just as I am preparing to make the turn and head back in the opposite direction.  The amateur psychologist in me thinks it is a tendency to rush through things, that I am eager to start the next stage  — and therefore move closer to the finish line — before I have actually finished the current project.

Whether I am right or merely out in the sun too long, it gives me an opportunity to focus on the here and now a bit more deliberately.  Instead of imagining myself already finished and checking out mentally, I should be pushing through to completion.  Multi-tasking is fine.  Forward thinking is fine.  But I need to make sure I don’t leave projects half-finished.

It’s a handy habit to develop if you are looking for heaven.  A lifetime spent in pursuit of it can wind up short if you think you’ve already arrived.  Perhaps it’s a pride thing, imagining yourself incapable of falling — although, of course, we all are (1 Corinthians 10:12).  Perhaps it is a result of thinking heaven is found on earth — and that you have already found some of it.  So you drift.  Maybe enough to take you off course.

Constant self-awareness.  Needful course correction.  The best prevention, and the best remedy. 

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