I have some unsolicited advice for my social media friends who like to pass along photos, memes, links, and various other items that might fall under the heading of “atrocity of the day.”


I am so tired of outrage.  People are so desperate to point out the evils in the world that they do not do their due diligence.  As a result, people’s names and reputations are dragged through the mud for no good reason, suffering irreparable harm.  Maybe you’ve heard of an incident or two lately.

You are not a better person than me because you are more public with your condemnation of The Bad Guys.  I guarantee you, I can keep my laptop closed and do far more good for the cause of decency in this world than 90 percent of the clickbait purveyors out there.

If you absolutely must share, at least get the whole story.  Recent history has borne out how simply waiting 24-48 hours can make all the difference in the world.  Don’t spread links to news stories more than six months old or from sources you don’t recognize or respect.  If you feel anything less than complete confidence, don’t share.  (“Too BAD to be true” is a thing, too.) 

And pleasepleaseplease, if your note is revealed to be rooted in lies, delete it immediately!  No “greater good” will be accomplished with lies (Ephesians 4:25).  Christians, you are better than this. 

I will even promise to watch your cat videos if you back off the atrocity posts.  And that’s quite a concession on my part.  Deal? 

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