If you want to see the glorious difference between men and women (and have everyone keep their clothes on, mostly), you need look no further than a gymnastics competition.  Myself, I am not particularly a fan; I haven’t even watched Olympic competition for almost a decade.  But I know, for instance, that women do not perform on the pommel horse, parallel bars or rings.  And after watching Olympian Shawn Johnson attempt it, I know why.  The same reason I don’t.  It’s impossible.  The upper body strength is just not there.

The men don’t perform on the uneven bars or balance beam.  And I know why.  The same reason I can’t watch them try.  Physiology.  Let’s just call it physiology.

Neither discipline is intrinsically better or worse, harder or easier.  They just bring out the excellence in each sex.  And the word is “sex,” by the way.  Gender is for English class.

God made us “male and female” (Matthew 19:4) for a reason.  Each supplies what the other lacks.  The two work together to make a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Paul did not deny the existence of male and female roles, either in the church or in the home, in Galatians 3:28 any more than he denied male/female biology.  And everyone knows it; that’s why so-called “gender justice warriors” hate him.  He didn’t give one message to the Galatians and the exact opposite to Timothy (1 Timothy 2:12) — who was himself, ironically, a Galatian.  He was simply saying, in both passages, that man and woman are each glorious in their own way.  Neither more important.  Neither more righteous.  God’s children, both of them.  Each performs beautifully when performing as He intended.

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