A preacher colleague of mine messaged me on Facebook this week.  He wanted to tell me I was on a list of people who have not claimed their big check from Such-and-Such Government Agency.  After discovering that he did not know two of his own daughters, confirming my suspicions of a hack, I told him I had reported him to Facebook.

His response, and I quote, typos and all: You will got hack soon I promise you death. Look at your back now, those are the people coming to kill you because we are tracking you from FB here.

My response: At my back are about a dozen Bibles. They tell me the way to pursue godliness in this life so as to prepare for judgment to come and an eternity in one of two places. Good reading. I recommend it.

I’m not going to lie —  I thought that was pretty good on my part.

Again, no lie — I likely would have preferred a six-figure check to an idea for an article.  But hey, the truth is always better than a lie.  The truth (assuming it’s God’s truth, a la John 17:17) can give me what I truly want.  A lie never will.

Better liars than this clown will tell you what they think you want to hear.  They say there is no hell.  God’s truth tells you that’s a lie (Matthew 5:29). They say simply claiming Jesus as Lord will save you.  God’s truth tells you that’s a lie (Matthew 7:21).  They say baptism comes after salvation.  God’s truth tells you that’s a lie (Acts 22:16).

And, as I’m sure I would have found out with regard to the abovementioned scam artist, believing the lie will come at a cost eventually. 

I strongly advise you, hold out for the truth.   

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