I had the opportunity to counsel a “friend” through the process of deleting a Facebook post — a process I am downright evangelistic about, by the way; I know of no other “skill” so easily acquired, so desperately needful, and so seldom practiced.  It’s basically a matter of clicking things that look like they would like to be clicked, looking for the word “delete,” then clicking that.

Her post was vulgar.  She claims to be a Christian.  I assumed she would not want to be associated with such things, and she confirmed that.  But (she claimed) she couldn’t find the item on her wall.  I explained how to find it in as much detail as I could manage without being overtly insulting.  No luck.  This went on for more than an hour — during which, by the way, she posted ten more times. Literally.

I have some theories.  One, she has no idea how Facebook works.  Two, she was just stringing me along.  Three, I need to manage my time better.  I think at least two of them are accurate.

My point was, and is, Christians should be absolutely obsessive about the way we come across.  We must walk carefully (Ephesians 5:19) when we wear His name.  Plugs for environmentally sound burial options and escape rooms can wait.  We have souls to save.  And we will have a hard time if we are, consciously or unconsciously, part of the problem.  Beam first.  Motes later. 

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