I awoke one day and was suddenly bombarded by notifications about how I can make money by downloading an app and simply refusing to text while driving.  My stink-o-meter went off immediately.  Nobody gets paid for not  doing something.  It’s got to be a scam.

       I made a comment to that effect on Facebook and was quickly reminded of one of the reasons I post such things so infrequently.  I got comments and likes.  Lots of them.  That doesn’t upset me so much; it’s nice, actually.  But it proves that people do actually see my posts.  And that implies that they see my spiritual posts also.  And those don’t get comments and likes.

I suppose I take it personally a little bit.  I put far more work into my spiritual posts, after all, and I certainly take them more seriously.  Mainly, though, it bothers me that people work up far more enthusiasm for carnal things than for spiritual things.  And I don’t mean people of the world.  I mean Christians.

“It’s different,” people will say.  Exactly.  It’s different.  If someone feels compelled to opine regarding kitchen cabinetry but goes weeks if not months without showing any sign of spiritual activity, you have to wonder if they are capable of finding zeal for God.  Maybe two or three hours of not falling asleep in the church house is the exception and the other 166, filled to the brim with worldly pursuits, are the rule.

You are what you comment on.  Use that as a rule of thumb, and then examine your conversations this week.  You may not like what you find out. 

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