It’s been raining a lot lately.  Maybe you’ve noticed.  Rain in the summer has been one of the toughest things for this Texas boy to get used to in this part of the world.  That, and what the locals call “Mexican food.”

The good thing about rain is, it helps my lawn grow.  The bad things is, it helps my lawn grow.  And grow.  And grow.  And one of my excuses for not cutting the grass that I am least ashamed of is, I don’t cut wet grass.  I certainly don’t cut it in the rain.  So when I saw a few consecutive hours of sunshine on the forecast, I made plans.  I made progress.  If I had waited another week, I would have made hay.  Literally.

When a window of opportunity opens up, you have to be ready to act.  And a few of us did in my neighborhood.  Frankly, I was surprised not to hear mowers buzzing all around me.  Surely everyone else’s lawn is in as much need of cutting as mine.  Yet some failed to act.

Perhaps they had not made themselves available.  Perhaps they had more important things to do.  Perhaps they just don’t take their lawns seriously.  I didn’t ask.  But if all of the lightning bolts on my weather app mean anything, they may regret not being more proactive this week.

Felix passed on his window of opportunity (Acts 24:25).  The Ethiopian took advantage of his (Acts 8:36-38).  If your soul were the one needing saving today, and if a window were to open up, would you take advantage of it?  Or would you make excuses, and possibly regret it for eternity? 

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