They held a “Beyoncé Mass” in San Francisco a few weeks ago.  It was what it sounds like — a religious service centered around the music, politics, and general awesomeness of Beyoncé Knowles West.  A good time was had by all.

        It’s not really that controversial, wrote one pundit who (I would guess) hasn’t darkened a conventional church door this millennium.  After all, Beyoncé is a “Christian.”  She stands for “Christian” principles.  And Jesus was mentioned during the service “many times.”  Not as often as Beyoncé herself, presumably.  But many times.  That’s nice.

I have no idea whether the entertainer (and I use the word somewhat euphemistically) sanctioned the event.  It does not appear she has denounced it, though.

My objections to this event cannot be contained in 300 words.  Let’s just say this: if we are having a religious service dedicated to praising a mere human being (and she is one, by the way), “religion” has lost its meaning.  Of course, we started down this road when we started referring to everything from self-help seminars to chocolate cheesecake as “religious experiences.”  We are reaping what we have sown.

We need less “religion” and more worship.  Seek out God, as Paul urged the “religious” Athenians to do (Acts 17:24-27).  Stand in awe of Him (Psalm 8:1).  Then fall on your face before Him (Job 1:20).  If you find the need to sing your own praises afterward, then repeat the process.  You’re not doing it right.

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