Infertility is an inherited trait, according to a recent study.  I am going to let you read that again at your own pace.  Take it in.  I’ll wait.

Procedures such as in vitro fertilization have made it more possible for people to conceive.  But, turns out, a potential father’s inability to “take care of business” the conventional way is often because of low sperm count.  And a son who manages to be born despite such circumstances is likely to have the same difficulties in adulthood.

A cynical writer would take the opportunity to suggest that God is trying to eliminate certain swimmers from the human gene pool.  I will simply wade into the shallow waters of application and observe that the traits we pass on to our children are not always the ones we admire in ourselves.  Sometimes you don’t have a choice, like with height or skin tone.  Sometimes you can work on yourself your life and your genetic code remains unaltered, like with hair color or bad teeth.  And sometimes it’s just behavioral.  Nothing genetic about it.

We will be dealing with parenting a good bit today. As you consider the Bible’s words on the subject, consider what sort of traits you are passing on to the next generation.  Is it a legacy of strength, faith and grace (2 Timothy 2:1-2)?  Or is it that of Eli, a legacy of shallow talk (1 Samuel 2:23-25) and inaction (1 Samuel 3:13-14).

The good news, is, you get to choose.  So choose wisely. 

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