I have to admit, I am not a big fan of walkouts.  And I appear to be in the minority.  Everyone seems to be staging walkouts these days.  Generally, as I understand it, a walkout involves people abandoning their proper, useful activity such as school or work and spending their time instead telling people how righteous their cause is — as though school and work are not righteous causes themselves.

I’m not doubting the sincerity of the people involved, nor am I necessarily casting aspersions on their respective causes.  I’m just saying, it’s very convenient to pat yourself on the back for taking a day off.

Here’s an idea.  Take whatever political or social position you like, but do it in your free time.  Don’t get so distracted by the philosophical aspects of life that you abandon the practical aspects.  Or else accept the following truth: consequences that follow from you abandoning your post are not the fault of the people who held you accountable.  If your boss or teacher penalizes you, it is because you put your cause ahead of your responsibilities.  Deal with it.

Hey, commitment comes at a price.  Christians know that more than most.  We put our cause — Jesus Christ, and Him crucified — ahead of all else.  Invariably, it costs us something.  We have to “walk out” on family (Luke 14:26), peace (2 Timothy 3:12), personal rights (Matthew 5:39), and any number of other personal preferences.  It’s part of taking up our cross (Luke 9:23).  But you don’t hear us whining about it.

Or do you? 

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