Young people in Indonesia are boiling women’s sanitary products (there’s a euphemism for you) and drinking the water.  Evidently it gets them high.  I am not making this up.  This is real.

This process is not safe; that fact probably does not take you by surprise.  But the illness that it reveals is far worse than any condition that might result.  We don’t just have children who are destroying themselves; we have children who are desperate to destroy themselves, and looking for new and innovative ways of doing it.

Three hundred words will not suffice to detail how a culture can get to this point; suffice it to say here that it all stems from a lack of regard for life itself.  When we convince ourselves that the air in our lungs means nothing more than another few seconds of pleasure, we will inevitably crave more and more bizarre ways of pursuing it.

We were not intended to live this way, and the disaster that results from this lifestyle is no accident.  We were born to strive for something nobler — a “high” much higher than we can find with the things of this life. In a nutshell, we were given this life by God so we could give it back to Him (Luke 9:23-24).

Finding your true purpose in life (Ecclesiastes 12:13) gives you a high like no other — and it will last for an eternity.  Literally.  

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