When a bunch of preachers gather in a single area, they tend strongly to discuss the things of the Spirit.  Perhaps that is simply to “fit in.”  Perhaps it is to demonstrate our credibility in spiritual matters. Perhaps it is simply because it is what everyone else is doing.  In any case, we look more like preachers when preachers are the only ones in the room.

That can be a result of hypocrisy, and in some instances it probably is.  Maybe some are just going through the motions to blend in with people they admire.  Maybe that’s what I do.  But I like to believe, both for myself and for my brethren, that we see such circumstances as an opportunity to bring out the best in ourselves.  “Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” (Proverbs 27:17).

There is no reason why this phenomenon should be isolated to preachers.  Christians at large work the same way — or at least, they should.  There’s nothing wrong with a civil discussion of college football (emphasis on “civil”), or a game of Magic: The Gathering, or the weather.  All of these came up with my preaching friends, by the way.  But there was never any confusion about what brought us together or what keeps us together.  Such should be the case with all of God’s people when we find ourselves gathered together — particularly on the Lord’s day to commune with Him and with one another.

My theory is, the feeling of camaraderie among brethren will increase with the frequency, intensity and fervor of our gatherings.  Let’s test that theory.

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