Alton Brown, my favorite foodie, has a real attitude about what he calls “unitaskers” — that is, kitchen implements that serve only one function.  Strawberry slicers, rice cookers, countertop rotisseries, basically anything sold on late-night television — scrap them all.  The only unitasker you should have in your kitchen, he says, is a fire extinguisher.

It is the exception to the unitasker rule that I would like to address here.  I am a big one for conservation of effort and space.  Why have two tools when one will do?  But occasionally there is a specific task of tremendous importance.  And accomplishing that task properly requires a specific device.  On that day, should it ever come, you will be thankful for your unitasker.

One of the great hindrances to the gospel is the perception among many that it is good (arguably) for seeking heaven but borderline useless for everyday life.  If you turn the other cheek or go the extra mile in accordance with Matthew 5:38-41, they say, you will only get run over in this dog-eat-dog world.  Personally, I think that point is overstated; the gospel’s impact on everyday life can be profoundly positive when properly utilized. But I will grant the point that the gospel is heavenly, not earthly, in its overall focus.

So what?

The only important issue in this life is where you will spend the next one.  And the gospel is the only tool that will impact your quest for heaven in the slightest (Romans 1:16).  If it never does a thing for you in any other aspect of life, that one accomplishment more than earns it a spot in your heart.

So use it.  Use it as the Designer intended.  And reap the consequences in eternity.


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