We have been inordinately blessed with rain in recent days.  As a result, my lawn is greener and lusher than it ever has been.  The grass is not exactly “high as an elephant’s eye,” but it might create some visibility issues for the neighborhood possums.

So, of course, it is time to cut it.  Well past time, in fact.  But it exceedingly difficult to cut when wet, especially with my old-school push mower.  And, as was indicated before, it always seems to be wet.  So the problem just compounds itself.  Since my back still hurts from the last time I cut it, I am not inclined to press my luck.  That leaves buying a gas-powered mower or hiring a service, both of which involve spending money.  Hi, Hal Hammons here, notorious tightwad.  Seems like we’ve met somewhere before.

Either way, growth is a problem.  A great problem to have, but a problem nevertheless.  Life is sure to have problems; I prefer this kind.

Church growth is problematical as well.  Baptisms bring worldly attitudes into the church that do not always manifest themselves quickly or work themselves out easily.  Burgeoning families creates a strain on the Bible class program.  Personal growth leads to pride and competition.  Problems, problems, problems.

Thank God for this sort of problem.  Some churches have become lukewarm (Revelation 3:16).  Some are dead, or all but (Revelation 3:1-2).  Some are being rent asunder by false brethren (3 John 9-10).  Those are a completely different sort of problem.

Give this some thought the next time you have trouble finding a good parking space, or the children are too rowdy, or visitors claim your pew.  It could be worse.  Much worse.

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