It is said that the word “nerd” originated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where the cool kids who somehow managed to find their way to and into MIT characterized the uncool kids as knurds.  Knurd, you will note, is drunk spelled backward.  Therefore it was trendy to be drunk, whereas it was the sign of ultimate and irreversible squaredom to study, achieve, graduate with honors, and get a job.

Self-professed nerd Hannah Fry, a published mathematician, says a nerd is like a geek, only a geek is focused on the aesthetics and trivia of a genre and a nerd is more interested in achievement and full understanding.  So a geek may go to Comic-Con dressed as a Jedi warrior, and a nerd will stay home and build an actual light saber.

It’s probably not fair to label all self-professed geeks (and there are more and more of them every year) as posers.  They are not pretending to be nerds; they simply have found a lifestyle they like, and they are pursuing it.

That’s why I try to avoid calling Christians fakes simply because they do not adhere strictly to the Scriptures.  Yes, the Bible says we are to be sanctified in God’s truth, and it alone (John 17:17).  Yes, we are supposed to trust in God’s way instead of the way of our choosing (Proverbs 3:5).  And no, they don’t particularly care to follow those directions.  They have simply found a lifestyle that suits them, and they are pursuing it.  That doesn’t make them fakes.

It doesn’t make them Christians, either.

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