I was distracted on my drive in to work today by a high-flying flock of gliding birds.  They acted very much like buzzards, except they were too high up and occasionally showed flashes of white.  I finally decided they must have been bald eagles.

It was really quite inspiring.  Buzzards fly to find food.  Grackles fly to catch food.  Finches fly largely to keep from becoming food.  But these eagles were doing none of those things.  As best I could tell, in my decidedly non-ornithologist viewpoint, they were flying just because they could.

Immediately, Bible students’ thoughts fly to Isaiah 40:31, which promises “new strength” to those who trust in God in times of weakness and trial.  “They will mount up with wings like eagles,” Isaiah tells us.  And truly, do we need a reason?

Life on earth is grand in its own way, but in many ways it gets more wonderful from a great height.  The ugliness that man creates fades, leaving only the glories of God — His forests, His rivers, His clouds.  Even the creations of man that still remain visible are mostly stripped of their ugliness.  A world without pollution, decay, stench and filth.  A world without arguments, horns and elbows.  How magnificent that must be!

Of course, altitude does not make problems disappear.  It merely emphasizes their insignificance in the big picture.  But considering the higher we rise up spiritually, the closer we get to Jesus (Colossians 3:1), that should be good enough for a typical Friday.


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