I have no particular ax to grind against either Harvey Weinstein or Roy Moore.  I’m sure they both have their positive aspects.  And I despise the degradation of anyone — young and female or otherwise — being perpetrated by people in power, regardless of where that power is wielded.  But I don’t want to write about that today.  I want to write about hypocrisy.

The allegations against these men, and more of them every day, are just that.  Allegations.  You can judge the quality of the accusations as you like.  But be careful when you do.  Although God will judge them all, and us all, without partiality (Romans 2:9-11), I think that particular skill set eludes many of us.

A bevy of articles this week, mostly in left-leaning publications, argued that liberals should not have given Bill Clinton a pass back in the day, that avowed feminists bent over backward to excuse the predator and discredit the accusers, covering up many of the facts and ignoring the rest.  Conservatives scream, “That’s what we said 20 years ago!”  But when it’s a champion of the Ten Commandments under siege, those same people are saying, “Don’t you think this is suspicious coming out in an election cycle?  I bet those women were paid to say those things.”

You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

Don’t you get it?  This story isn’t about Hollywood.  It isn’t about politicians.  It’s about us.  Us and our uncanny ability to give the benefit of the doubt (and then some) to anyone who is on “our side,” and then throw as much dirt as we can on everyone on “their side” who shows the slightest flaw.

Here’s Jesus’ approach, for what it’s worth.  Judge people by their fruits (Matthew 7:16), not their politics.  Pray for evil people (Matthew 5:43-44), and be “shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves” among them (Matthew 10:16).  Love truth (John 8:32), even when it hurts — and get your truth from Him (John 16:13-14).

The world won’t end if one of your heroes turns out to be a gutter-dweller.  If you choose to join him there, that’s another matter.

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