Have you seen the one in which a man is being attacked by a bull elk?  The man is trying desperately to keep a tree between himself and the massive beast.  Every once in a while the elk would bellow angrily.  (Who knew a big deer, essentially, could sound so mean?)  The man, wisely, did not choose to run in those moments; no doubt the elk would have run him down easily.

We know all of this because the cameraman was more interested in creating a viral YouTube video than, you know, saving his buddy’s life.  Priorities, people.

Anyway, the man finally climbed the tree (what took him so long to figure that out is beyond me) while the elk’s back was turned.  When the elk wheeled around again, the man was nowhere to be found.  It looked back and forth, back and forth, clearly searching for the man.  He never looked up.  I suppose the elk, not being in one of those fancy tree-climbing orders of mammals, could not relate to the notion of his quarry escaping into the third dimension of space.

But what about humans?  Sure, we get the whole 3-D thing; an entire category of feature films is predicated upon it.  But aren’t we just as narrowminded as the elk?  We have a notion of God and are driven to seek Him out (Acts 17:27), but we don’t understand Him well enough to look in the right place.  If He looks more like “a sound of a gentle blowing” than a raging fire or earthquake (see 1 Kings 19:11-14 for the relevant reference), we miss Him entirely.

But just because we don’t see Him, that doesn’t mean He isn’t there.  We just have to broaden our minds a bit, open up to new possibilities.

Look up, brethren.  Look up.

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