Pete Rose is a poor excuse for a human being on multiple levels, but there’s no doubt he is an expert in the science of hitting a baseball.  I saw a fascinating conversation between him, Frank Thomas and Alex Rodriguez the other day.  The three of them together have about 10,000 major league hits more than I do, and I’m always in favor of listening to experts.

Rose, who has more hits than anyone who has ever played, took the lead.  His biggest piece of advice for major league hitters who are struggling: don’t change your swing.  “Your swing got you to the big leagues,” he said.  Move up in the batter’s box, or move back.  Crowd the plate more, or back off.  Move your hands up or down on the bat.  The pitchers are adjusting to you, so adjust back.  But don’t change who you are.

Great advice for hitting, and for Christian living as well. 

The fundamental aspect of the Christian life is faith.  Faith got us to Jesus.  But we can apply that faith in different ways as life throws us curveballs.  (See what I did there?)  Is your regular prayer routine becoming stale and uninspiring?  Change it.  Alter the frequency, the specificity, the tone.  Is your Bible study stagnant?  Change it.  Study different topics, different books, study with a partner.

But don’t give up on prayer.  Don’t give up on study.  And by all means, don’t give up on faith.

There will be days when faith in God seems misplaced, when you contemplate restructuring your entire life.  But that is just the world trying to get you down.  Remember 1 John 5:4 — “For whatever is born of God overcomes the world; and this is the victory that has overcome the world — our faith.” 

Keep swinging.  The hits will come.

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