I have decided to be equal parts amused and annoyed at the sudden burst of righteous indignation against Donald Trump from his former supporters in the Republican party.  Turns out, he made an off-color remark in a private conversation that was disrespectful to women.  The horror.  And now he is too crass and vulgar to be their nominee.

Does anyone remember February?  The Megyn Kelly showdown?  As I recall, The Donald’s position on women (apologies if that phrase crosses the line of propriety) is well established.  He’s a misogynist.  He’s a philanderer.  He’s an adulterer.  And with regard to these matters, he’s also a braggart.  No one with an internet hookup anywhere in the world doesn’t know these things.  And now we’ve reached a bridge too far?

If you were waving his flag before but are too morally indignant to support him today, sorry, but I’ve got to throw the hypocrite flag at you.  He was good enough for you before; why suddenly turn against him when the election is a month away?  

I am no Trump apologist.  Ask anyone.  Vote or don’t vote for whomever you choose.  But don’t lash out at Trump because a story came out about Trump acting like Trump always acts. 

I just wish Christians could be as consistent with their morals as The Donald is with his.  He fits well in the description of the man who “acted shrewdly” with “the wealth of unrighteousness” to achieve his own ends (Luke 16:8-9).  Even when he’s lying, he’s being true to himself — always pursuing his goal, full bore, no excuses.

Do we?  Are “treasures in heaven” (Matthew 6:20) as important to us as closing the next big deal is to Trump?  Or will we hock the “pearl of great value” (Matthew 13:45-46) to buy something shiny once in a while?


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